Curriculum Enrichment


Students’ experience at the British School of Bucharest is significantly enhanced through ‘BSB Journeys’ as students learn best when they are involved in their learning. These journeys are essential to their education, allowing for broader experiential learning. Through ‘BSB Journeys’, students discover places and people, build bridges with new cultures and acquire new life skills.

The aim of ‘BSB Journeys’ is to enhance students’ experience at the British School of Bucharest by wrapping up their personal growth experience in a context which is both academic and informal. Fun, socialising, discovery, exploration, personal development, unique experiences, and memories for a lifetime are what ‘BSB Journeys’ are all about.

‘BSB Journeys’ for All Ages

Our youngest children enjoy visiting Herastrau Park, the Village Museum, and other local attractions. Children from Year 3 upwards will enjoy Expeditions Week towards the end of the academic year, with Years 3, 4 and 5 venturing outside Bucharest on residential trips and Year 6 students attending a PGL camp in the UK.

At the British School of Bucharest, Secondary students have the opportunity to discover the Danube Delta, join annual ski trips and visit destinations such as London, China, Spain, Texas, France, Malaysia and Singapore. The school trips help students build independence and increase self-confidence as they learn to adapt to and appreciate different environments.
Teachers carefully plan these journeys to help reinforce ideas and concepts linked to an area of study, such as Geography, Business Studies or Drama, the school trips being a significant extension of the curriculum work. Where possible, these are financed within the standard school fees.
The Class Teacher and a Teaching Assistant will accompany any off-site visit; parent helpers may occasionally be asked to join.

Typical Day Visits

Throughout the year, day trips have included visits to:

  • Aricestii Rahtivani Children’s Farm
  • Fundatia Inocenti Children’s Hospital
  • Berceni Community Medical Centre
  • Second Chance Charity
  • The Goethe Institute
  • McCann Bucharest
  • Local Galleries & Museums

Typical Trips with an Overnight Stay

We also arrange overnight trips to enhance classroom learning and provide a more hands-on, real-life learning experience. Each year, the school runs many trips, as exemplified below:

  • Year 3 – One-night residential in Romania
  • Year 4 – Two-night residential in Romania
  • Year 5 – Four-night residential in Romania
  • Years 6-13 – Several week-long outdoor educational trips within Romania plus international trips, with recent destinations including St. Petersburg, Berlin, Madrid, London, Paris or Iceland.
  • An annual week-long ski trip outside Romania

In addition to the educational trips that enrich the students’ experience at the British School of Bucharest, Secondary students take responsibility for their learning. They participate in out-of-class activities and events, including symposiums and a Work Experience Programme that help students develop a portfolio of out-of-class learning experiences.

Making the most of Our Beautiful Facilities

Our school facilities provide fantastic opportunities for learning beyond the four walls of the classroom but without the need to leave the campus. Our continuous focus on the benefits of outdoor learning can be seen through our use of the ‘Re-Wilding Zone’, vegetable garden, school pond and science garden.

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