Performing Arts

All aspects of the performing arts are highly valued at the British School of Bucharest. Our performing arts curriculum strives to make every child appreciate the performing arts by immersing them and feeding their passions through understanding art’s role in everyday life.



Drama as a subject promotes both independence and collaboration. At our school, students are assessed on self-management, group work and effective participation. The curriculum will inspire pupils to develop a range of life skills through confidence, teamwork, exploring emotions and cultural significance through artistic exploration. Having the opportunity to role-play situations supports students’ personal development.

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We aim to enhance all students’ musical performance, analytical and compositional skills by utilising our excellent Music Department facilities. We challenge students with many practical tasks using various instruments and studying music from a broad spectrum of cultures. Our firm belief is that all students have musical potential. Even those who do not choose to follow a career in music can develop practical cross-curricular skills, such as coordination and teamwork.

Outside the curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in ensembles. They perform in events such as the House Music Competition and School Recitals, helping develop their sense of community and ability to perform comfortably in front of an audience.

We have an excellent orchestra at the British School of Bucharest, the school’s largest musical group. It has been growing and improving steadily over recent years. By creating new and unique musical arrangements, our expert Music teachers can accommodate and engage participants of mixed ages and abilities. Less experienced players can improve their ability by learning from older or more experienced pupils. Participants learn to work in a team towards creating a performance while also learning the professional orchestra rehearsal discipline basics.

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Performing Arts Faculty

Lynne Sharp

Head of Performing Arts, Teacher of Music

Lynne Sharp has been teaching music for ten years and holds a Music degree from City University in London and a PGCE in Music at the Institute of Education.

Before joining the British School of Bucharest, she was head of the Music Department for seven years for the Ark Academy in Wembley. During her time at Ark, the students she worked with played at prestigious London venues such as the Barbican and Wembley Arena.

Lynne has extensive experience in various instruments and performed several major festival processions around Northeast England. She has also been part of a concert band in London for ten years.

Liana Stanusi

Teacher of Drama

Liana joined BSB in 2023 as the Drama teacher for Key Stage 3 and IGCSE. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from University College Utrecht, with a major in Media & Performance Studies and Literature, as well as a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in theatre across various countries, taking on roles as an actress, director, producer, researcher, and teacher. Additionally, she has undergone several years of training in bel canto singing. In 2020, Liana furthered her expertise by completing a Foundation Course in Art and Drama Therapy in Barcelona, Spain.

Liana is currently a member of two improvisational theatre groups. Beyond her dedication to the Performing Arts, she is also deeply passionate about creative writing, travel, and exploring different cultures.

As an educator, Liana is known for her unwavering dedication, positivity, and leading by example. She is highly enthusiastic about the work she will be doing with her students at BSB.

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