About the Innovation Hub

Established in 2016, the BSB Innovation Hub was created to teach students how to apply innovation principles and provide a hands-on approach to classroom learning. It promotes a unique approach to learning, where collaboration, creativity and shared knowledge are encouraged and celebrated.

One of the guiding reasons behind going to school is to gain knowledge and hone skills in preparation for adult life. This sounds straightforward. However, if we go deeper, questions appear: What skills? What knowledge? Who decides which is vital know-how? And really, how does one prepare for adult life? If we asked 100 people these questions, we would need help finding unified answers beyond some common themes.

However, at the end of the day, we are not here to come up with the right questions for our students or with template answers. What we do in the BSB Innovation Hub is:

  1. Encourage students to think for themselves
  2. Inspire them to ask their own questions
  3. Motivate them to define their own challenges
  4. Help them come up with the answers

In short, in the BSB Innovation Hub, we help students find out what they want to do and then help them learn how to do it.

To achieve this, we offer our students the opportunity to combine different subjects and interests in a unique technical space developed for hands-on learning. Besides applying the classroom learning in Physics, Mathematics, Design and Technology, they will have the chance to participate in several high-calibre extracurricular courses, one of them being Project Zephyr, an incredible CCA that will push their personal boundaries by having them create a vehicle from scratch.

Starting in 2022, our students have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Lapland and test their creations on ice in a competition like no other: The Arctic Challenge. They will have the chance to experience ice drifting and even test drive their cars under the Northern Lights if they are lucky and the lights appear.