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Friends of BSB

Friends of BSB (FBSB) was formed to ensure that parents at BSB can be actively involved in School community life. It brings parents together through regular meetings, activities and workshops targeting the interests and needs of parents at an international school.

To support and develop FBSB, we have appointed a coordinator within the school, Ecaterina Iordan, who you can contact at the following address:

FBSB Communication – Classlist

To communicate with parents whilst complying with GDPR to safeguard your personal data, the British School of Bucharest uses a web-based platform called Classlist that can also be accessed via an app on your mobile phone.

  • We use Classlist to give parents an easy tool to contact each other and communicate in one place.
  • Classlist allows you to input your data and share as much or as little of that information as you wish with other parents in a secure way. You can read about the security behind the platform here.
  • All parents are invited to log in to the Parents’ Portal and read the ‘Classlist Fair Processing Notice’ and ‘Guidelines on BSB Policies’.
  • After agreeing to these, they will receive an email invitation to join Classlist from the Friends of BSB Classlist moderator.

To learn more or for support, contact us at

FBSB Enhance the Community

FBSB organises many enriching experiences and events for the BSB community.

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