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Welcome from our Heads of School

The British School of Bucharest, as anyone who has been a member of the BSB community or, indeed, who comes to visit us will testify, is a very unique, beautiful and extraordinarily special place. We are truly committed to the success of every child and approach the delivery of the curriculum with creativity and always with our students’ well-being and bright future at the core of every decision.

Our delightful, hardworking students, talented and dedicated staff, warm and welcoming campus, and outstanding facilities are true testaments to the values, ethos and priorities of our school. Every time we meet our students around campus, whether in classrooms, on the playgrounds, in laboratories or art ateliers and workshops, study areas or the dining and social areas, we are always filled with deep appreciation and admiration. This comes fundamentally from our students’ own sense of pride, aspirations for the future, exceptional conduct, and commitment to academic achievement.

Regardless of at which point in their educational career our students have joined us, it is genuinely uplifting to witness the shared BSB values which underpin school life and unite our community in practice each day. Our high expectations and attention to individual needs model the attitudes and dispositions which we hope our students will carry into their adult lives and will nurture their enduring success.

The leadership and personal development programmes at BSB, which extend from our youngest students in the Early Years Foundation Stage through to our Sixth Form, are a key factor contributing to that sense of shared values, moral compass, and the ability to lead and inspire others. The unique learning environment and outstanding pastoral care at BSB provide a safe, secure, and challenging but supportive setting in which students can thrive. Our students are exposed not only to a rigorous programme of academics but also a range of bespoke learning experiences which allow them to explore and discover their interests and talents beyond the curriculum, from musical and theatrical performances to exhibitions, gastronomy and engineering.

Our results and the breadth of university destinations speak volumes about our approach to educating the ‘whole’ child, and our flourishing Alumni association provides opportunities for our students to enjoy the support, contacts and friendships formed at BSB for life. We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we form with students and families and know that working in partnership is essential to our students’ success.
We hope that you find this website informative and are able to get a real sense of what makes BSB, ‘BSB’. We would be honoured to welcome you to our beautiful campus for a tour and help you gain some personal insight into what a BSB education can offer your child and family now and in the future.

Victoria Smith, Head of Primary School and Jason Porter, Head of Secondary School

Victoria Smith

Head of Primary School
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Victoria Smith

Head of Primary School

Victoria Smith joined the British School of Bucharest in 2015 as Head of Primary School. She acquired her PGCE and MA in International Education from the University of Sunderland in England.

She holds additional degrees in Spanish and Political Science. Following her passion for professional development and school improvement, Victoria is an accredited facilitator of the COBIS leadership training programmes, including CPAH (The COBIS Programme for Aspiring Heads) and CPML (COBIS Programme for Middle Leaders). These courses are delivered to delegates from around the world.
She is also qualified as a ‘Lead Improvement Partner’, helping other international schools obtain COBIS accreditation. Victoria has over 20 years of experience working with children in schools. Before becoming a Teacher and senior leader, her background was in social services and Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Jason Porter

Head of Secondary
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Jason Porter

Head of Secondary

Jason Porter joined the British School of Bucharest in 2013 as Deputy Head of Secondary and is now our Head of Secondary. He graduated from Exeter University, where he read Russian and German, and later qualified as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher at the University of Nottingham. Jason joined the school following nine years as Housemaster at Chigwell School, a prestigious HMC Boarding School in the UK. Jason has obtained an MA course in Applied Educational Leadership and Management at University College London (Institute of Education).


I advise my students to always expose themselves to different languages because that’s how we understand and appreciate others’ cultures, values and ways of life, which enrich our lives. Language is a window into another person’s life. Children growing up surrounded by, understanding and adopting these values are more likely to become tolerant, respectful and accepting adults.

What I teach my students

To learn and develop together, personally, academically and professionally, and aspire to leave BSB a bit differently than when they started – in a good way, of course.

Something unexpected

Despite studying languages, I took A-Level physics when I was at school. This was because I wanted to learn about black holes and the Big Bang, only then to discover these topics didn’t really feature in the syllabus. But my physics teacher took a syllabus detour, and we studied them anyway!

We are incredibly proud to be rated consistently as 'excellent' in all areas in successive inspections, in 2018 and 2022, by the UK International Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The 'excellent' rating is the highest possible rating that can be achieved after being inspected by ISI.

Jason Porter, Head of Secondary School

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