Sixth Form


As a Sixth Form student, life at the British School of Bucharest is busy, challenging and fulfilling. Our students have access to incredible teaching and learning opportunities and explore who they are and what they are interested in.

With our career and university guidance councillors’ support, they will choose the right combination of subjects that fit with the requirements of what they want to study at university and, above all, in which they have a genuine interest.

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Transition to Sixth Form

For our students, the transition from KS4 to KS5 is more than simply becoming a year older. It’s an upgrade to preparations for A-Level and life beyond BSB. It’s transitioning to two exciting years and the pinnacle of everything they’ve worked for, and we’re always looking forward to being a part of their journey.

A-Levels are a benchmark examination in the UK and are recognised as a pre-university course worldwide. Students with good A-Level results have many opportunities, after graduation, to attend a university in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, and worldwide.

To proceed to A-Level studies, our students must first follow the IGCSE/GCSE courses in Key Stage 4 as their equivalent. They must achieve at least five IGCSE/GCSE passes at C and above and obtain the grades specified in their chosen A-Level subjects. All A-Level courses run over two years and are split into Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A2) courses.

We recommend our students choose four AS subjects which they will be assessed at the end of Year 12. They must pass AS courses to move on to A2 when they make their final course choices.

We recommend students continue to pursue three of their original subjects (and, in exceptional cases, four) to A2 level. It is now when they will extend their knowledge of a chosen subject in preparation for university study.

The AS/A-Level Curriculum

AS/A-Level English Literature

AS/A-Level Mathematics

A-Level Art & Design - Fine Art

AS/A-Level Biology

AS/A-Level Business Studies

AS/A-Level Chemistry

AS/A-Level Computer Science

AS Design Technology: Product Design

AS/A-Level Drama and Theatre

AS/A-Level Economics

Edexcel IAL French / German / Spanish

AS/A-Level Geography

AS/A-Level History

AS/A-Level Mandarin

AS/A-Level Media Studies

AS/A-Level Music

AS/A-Level Physics

AS/A-Level Psychology