Sixth Form

Welcome From Our Head of Secondary

Dear Parents and Students,

Whether you are a current or prospective British School of Bucharest student or family, I am delighted to welcome you to our Years 12 and 13, or ‘Sixth Form’ at BSB.

Whenever I meet our Sixth Form students around campus, whether in classrooms, laboratories and workshops, the PE hall, the dedicated Sixth Form Common Room, study areas or the bistro and dining and social areas, I am always filled with a sense of pride. This sense of pride comes fundamentally from our students’ own sense of pride in their school, future aspirations, personal appearance and commitment to academic achievement.

Whether the students have been at BSB for the duration of their school careers or joined the BSB community in the last few years, it is genuinely uplifting to witness the shared values that unite them all as they graduate from our school. These values are palpable around the school. Visitors often comment on the positive atmosphere and influence created by our Sixth Formers and how smart they look in their suits and business dress.

Alongside academic achievement and aspirations for the future, the leadership and personal development programmes at BSB are crucial in contributing to that sense of shared values, moral compass and the ability to lead and inspire others. The unique BSB learning environment offers the security and safety of a pastoral and academic philosophy of studying with high support and high challenge to enable all to thrive.

At BSB Sixth Form, our students follow the internationally recognised AS and A-Level curriculum. This accreditation opens doors to the most prestigious and competitive universities and colleges worldwide. But the A-level also offers an unrivalled choice of subject combinations. Out of over 20 subjects on offer, covering Science, Maths, Performing and Creative Arts, English, Foreign Languages, Computer Science, Humanities and Media, our students choose between 3 and 4 subjects to study at A-level. This breadth and depth enable them to specialise and play to their passions and strengths in assembling individualised and truly rigorous academic programmes to create a curriculum that offers the best chances and satisfies our students’ high aspirations.

It is truly a sad day when our students graduate, a day that brings tears of both sadness and joy. Still, I know that everything they have experienced and learnt at the British School of Bucharest, with the support of their parents, will enable them to leave BSB and to make a positive difference as intelligent, socially adept, ethical and environmentally aware citizens and young adults.

If you are not a part of our BSB family, we would be honoured to welcome you to our beautiful campus for a tour to experience our Sixth Form in person.
With best wishes, I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Jason Porter, Head of Secondary

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