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Building Confidence

The British School of Bucharest understands how important it is for pupils to be comfortable and confident in a learning environment, particularly in a multicultural international environment. Valuing diversity and difference is a fundamental aspect of becoming more internationally minded. We think of our campus as a ‘part of Britain sitting in the capital of Romania’. The children benefit greatly from this ‘British feel’ and total immersion approach, which stretches from the classroom to the sports field and everywhere in between.

The support we provide at the British School of Bucharest is designed to help pupils build their confidence in themselves, leading to incredible achievements. It includes sit-in support during lessons, one-to-one support, after-school support and small group work.
The support our students receive makes them:

  • Able to perform under pressure and live up to their potential in those make-or-break moments that play a major role in determining success.
  • Respond better to setbacks and better understand that academic success depends, in part, on how students perform on their day-in, day-out track record
  • Able to take risks and step outside their comfort zone by leaving familiar territory and trying new experiences, broadening their perspective, enhancing their skills and uncovering strengths or interests.

One of the central roles of higher education is to present students with new experiences. There are many ways our teachers help raise the British School of Bucharest students’ achievements by building their confidence.

In the sections below, you can read more about our approach and the different programs implemented at BSB specially tailored to build confidence in our students.

Study Skills

Learning Support

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Assessments and Reporting