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Planet BSB

With environmental challenges popping up faster than expected, BSB is devoted to educating and engaging our pupils and students to treat the environment with the same care they treat themselves. Our approach to environmental awareness places the students at the centre of the process to inspire them to enact change towards sustainability.

As an academic institution, we understand that teaching and broadening engagement with sustainability by applying its principles throughout the school campus can empower our pupils and students to strive for a greener, more sustainable future.

Guided by the 6 R’s of sustainability: Rethink, Recycle, Refuse, Rethink, Repurpose, Reuse, Reduce, BSB has committed to becoming a sustainable school.

To live a cleaner, greener life we started an ample process to become a sustainable school by following a series of environmentally conscious goals transformed into actionable actions.

Environmental Statement of Intent

BSB is committed to educating our students and managing the school with responsibility to the environment at the forefront of our thinking.

The School will seek to minimise environmental harm as a result of its operations, where possible, attempting to minimise energy consumption and purchasing items which are not supplied with excessive packaging; which are benign or the least harmful in their effect on the environment. Where possible, preference will be given to local or regional suppliers to maximise the School’s input to the local community.

BSB will seek to minimise its generation of waste and re-use materials where possible. Where reduction or re-use is not feasible, materials will be recycled wherever possible and recycling will be actively encouraged.

Environmental Awareness Approach

We teach our students how to take care of their minds and bodies and, at the same time, support them to become active and involved citizens of the world. Therefore, we encourage them to treat the environment with the same care as they treat themselves and pursue environmentally conscious goals that follow one of BSB’s mottoes: #CONCERN for our planet by being kind to the environment.


Concern for the Planet

There’s only one planet. Therefore, we’re committed to taking care of it, using its resources efficiently while adopting green technologies and producing our energy.
These are just a few of the steps taken to ensure the BSB campus and its student community live a cleaner and more sustainable life.

  • Nurture & rewild – We take a progressive approach to our campus environment, nurturing and enabling natural processes where possible through conscious landscaping and using rewilding best practices. On our Science Garden we have fruits trees (apples, pears, mulberries) and a fishpond, while the Vegetable Garden allows the students to learn about vegetable growing process.
  • One tree makes a difference – Every plant and tree on the BSB campus is being taken care of, and each time we remove one, we plant a new one in its place.
  • Selective waste management – We have installed recycling points around our campus. Our students have learned how to separate materials intended for recycling, such as paper, plastic and glass, from dangerous waste, electronic devices and batteries.
  • Recycling policy – We recycle everything from paper and plastic to electronic devices and batteries, actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize single-use plastic.
  • Green energy adoption – The installation of a photovoltaic array made up of 100 solar panels that produce 37MWH/year. They can supply up to 530 hours of energy for 40 air conditioning units.
  • Reduced energy consumption – All around our campus, we have implemented the use of motion-sensitive lights to increase efficiency and reduce consumption. We also have a strict heating and cooling policy to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  • Lights off policy – We encourage pupils and staff to switch off all appliances and lights when not in use.
  • Green Campus – BSB is committed to create more green areas all around the campus so we planted more than 200 ivy plants as green décor on building façade. More than that, we reused a tree root and transformed it into a decorative art piece. The squirrels, owls and pheasant have found a new home in our campus.


Smart Campus

At BSB we are always looking to improve our daily life by using technologies as safety support and integrated learning experiences for students.

  • Led light in campus and motion sensitive lights
  • Water leaks sensors
  • Sensors for oxygen level on all teaching areas
  • Lawn mower robot
  • Sprinklers in all green areas
  • Automatic parking area for visitators