STEAM Approach

The Innovation Hub has evolved exponentially since its inception, now offering courses for beginners and older members. It’s one of the best places in our school, where students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom through a unique integrated STEAM approach to further develop their knowledge of design, technology, mathematics, physics and other disciplines.

In the BSB Innovation Hub, we teach several fantastic extra-curricular courses as part of the After-school Club Programme. There is no instruction manual or clear-cut guidebook to follow. Instead, the path to success is created by our students, who use invaluable creative problem-solving and design-thinking skills. Because we provide a STEAM education that transforms limitations into wonder, curiosity and innovation, learning in the BSB Innovation Hub is fun, motivating and engaging.

The courses in the BSB Innovation Lab deliver a variety of benefits. Our students learn how to:

  • Solve complex problems in hands-on ways
  • Turn classroom concepts into real-world applications
  • Embrace failure as a critical and necessary part of learning
  • Explore new ideas
  • Work with high-tech machinery and tools

Moreover, working in the BSB Innovation Hub helps our students build critical thinking and problem-solving aptitudes and enhance their adaptability, collaboration, leadership and initiative skills.