Physical Education

The benefits associated with a diverse physical education curriculum go far beyond accomplishments made in the gym. Physical education prepares children to be physically and mentally active, fit and healthy and provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and cooperative. 

Students at the British School of Bucharest participating in our Physical Education classes will be immersed in an environment that develops mental, social and physical well-being.

Sports are an integral part of the educational programme at BSB. We focus on building character traits and social skills that lead to a better lifestyle. Student-athletes will be encouraged to follow healthy social and physical lifestyles through their participation in sports.

Students will explore their particular abilities through a mix of team and individual games, leadership opportunities, fitness training methods and movement/aesthetic activities. 

Through these challenges, students will have the opportunity to develop life skills, knowledge, understanding, positive attitudes and values. In Physical Education, students will be encouraged to develop attributes like resilience and respect. They will get to understand the importance of regular physical activity, supporting others, and collaborate positively. 

As the students' progress through the years at BSB, they will be empowered to make healthy and informed choices and understand the value of an active lifestyle.

Students will explore their individual abilities through a mix of team and individual games, leadership opportunities, fitness training methods and movement/aesthetic activities. They will also explore the effects of exercise on their physiology and the importance of living an active lifestyle. Students will participate in different activities covering a variety of the following: Outdoor Adventure Activities, Rugby, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Dance, Swimming, Handball, Squash, Health and Fitness, Rounders and Athletics.

All students are expected to take part in Physical Education. Physical Education is not only a statutory requirement of a British School Overseas, but at BSB, we also value PE's role in maintaining a ‘healthy body and healthy mind’.

Students in Year 10 choose between the IGCSE PE course, core PE and sports leaders programmes, which develop students’ sports coaching and peer-leadership skills, as well as studying sports, associated skills and physiology.

Over the last few years, we have aimed to upgrade our sports programme so that we can offer more competitive training sessions and participate in more events. 

The British School of Bucharest participates annually in different events, especially in the BISAC tournaments organised all over Romania, as well as sports tournaments and fixtures with local international and independent schools. BSB also participates in the internationally renowned COBIS Games tournament. Our athletes have the opportunity to compete in sports such as Basketball, Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball and Swimming.

To prepare for these events, we offer more training sessions for all three of our major competitive sports: Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.

In collaboration with the Co-curricular department, the Physical Education staff covers several Co-curricular courses for young and senior students, including Fencing, Karate, Table Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics, Climbing, Athletics and Trampolining. 

Our Football teams are assisted with coaching by professional footballer Stelian Stancu, which runs out-of-hours coaching sessions open to everyone.

We are stronger together, and that is why the BSB's Bears team motto is 'Trust your Team'. This motto was selected to keep our teams focused and to learn how to rely on their teammates and become reliable teammates themselves. 

The Bear represents the many attributes we seek to instil in our athletes, both on and off the sports ground. With their powerful physical presence, bears represent strength, leadership and confidence. 

These characteristics inspire us to be our best when we win and (even more so) during times of difficulty. By learning to deal with both success and failure, our students develop a sense of responsibility and resilience in their personal lives.

One of the primary goals of our sports programme is to teach spectators, and participants, the principles of good sportsmanship, self-control, fair play, and winning and losing as a team. Through structured competitions and teamwork, our athletes learn responsibility, self-discipline and perseverance.

For this vision to be successful, the support of the BSB community, especially parents, to encourage their child's consistent participation in sports has increased our competitiveness as a team.

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