Awards Ceremony

Congratulations Class of 2023

Embark on a journey of inspiration as we delve into the experiences of our Year 13 students at the British School of Bucharest. Their remarkable paths through our school showcase the invaluable contributions of the British Curriculum in shaping their personal development.

BSB’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence has prepared them for their future academic and career goals, instilling the confidence to pursue their dreams. Our exceptional teachers and staff have played a pivotal role in fostering their growth, creating an environment conducive to learning and self-discovery.

Throughout the year, our students dedicated themselves to a range of application procedures, showcasing their skills through impactful essays, motivational letters, interviews, examinations, and portfolios. As they approach their final exams, the excitement of embarking on their chosen university journey fills the air.

Thanks to BSB’s exceptional A-Level programme, our students have pursued their passions across diverse subjects. From Liberal Arts to Financial Mathematics & Data Science, Management/Business Administration, International Relations, History, and Natural Sciences, they have embraced opportunities to realise their dreams.

Amidst the final preparations for their bright futures, our students have generously shared insights into their application journey, shedding light on their experiences and jubilantly celebrating their university offers. Join us in applauding the Class of 2023 for their extraordinary accomplishments.