Inspiring a Passion for Innovation – STEAM Conference & Student Leadership Weekend

The British School of Bucharest (BSB) is proud to host the upcoming Inspiring a Passion for Innovation – STEAM Conference & Student Leadership Weekend. These events aim to bring together educators and students from around the world to share knowledge, inspire innovation, and develop leadership skills.

The COBIS Conferences, renowned for their excellence, are organised and managed by COBIS, with all registrations handled through the official COBIS platform.


BSB and COBIS: Partners in Excellence


The British School of Bucharest (BSB), established in 2000, offers a premier British education to students aged 2 to 18. Our curriculum, aligned with the National Curriculum of England, caters to an international student body, promoting intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and global citizenship. With over 65 nationalities represented, BSB fosters a vibrant, inclusive community. Accredited by leading educational bodies, we emphasise holistic education through a diverse extracurricular programme in sports, arts, and community service.

BSB’s graduates consistently excel in securing placements at prestigious universities worldwide, highlighting our commitment to academic excellence. As an accredited COBIS training school, BSB hosts professional development conferences, focusing on staff leadership (CPML).


Inspiring a Passion for Innovation – STEAM Conference


The Inspiring a Passion for Innovation – STEAM Conference is designed for educators and STEAM partners to explore innovative approaches to STEAM education, share best practices, and develop professional networks. This conference will provide an opportunity for Teachers, Middle Leaders, and Senior Leaders to come together to discuss in which ways STEAM can be successfully delivered to students and schools.


Dates: 15th-16th November, 2024
Location: British School of Bucharest, Romania
Audience: Teachers, Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders, STEAM partners


What you’ll learn

  • Foster collaboration and innovation among students through hands-on experimentation and prototype creation.
  • Learn innovative project designs to maximise learning opportunities in STEAM education.
  • Showcase a successful STEAM project model that caters to diverse student talents and promotes hands-on learning experiences.
  • Develop adaptable project frameworks to enhance student engagement and achievement in STEAM education.
  • Explore how technology enriches interdisciplinary learning across subjects.
  • Foster creativity and problem-solving skills through practical activities and innovative teaching methods.
  • How to cost effectively and efficiently vertically integrate high end complex state o the art STEAM projects into your school.
  • How to develop STEAM projects which nurture purpose, curiosity and resilience in students
  • How to showcase and market your STEAM projects and facilities to boost competitiveness.

Registrations are handled through the official COBIS platform.


Student Leadership Weekend 


The British School of Bucharest (BSB) is excited to announce the Student Leadership Weekend, tailored primarily for Sixth Form students.


Dates: 15th-17th November, 2024 
British School of Bucharest, Romania
Audience: COBIS students in Years 12-13


What you’ll learn

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of management and leadership principles.
  • Achieve an internationally recognised qualification with tutor support and access to resources – Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership.
  • Learn effective coaching techniques to engage with peers and mentor younger students.
  • Explore strategies to leave a lasting impact through project management as a Student Leader.
  • Practice and refine essential public speaking skills for leadership roles and presentations.
  • Learn effective techniques for team management and leadership roles such as prefect or team leader.

Accompanying staff will have the opportunity to achieve a Level 3 Mental Health First Aid Supervisor.

Registrations for the event are handled through the official COBIS platform.