Outstanding A-Level and IGCSE Results Redefine Student Excellence at the British School of Bucharest

Once again, in this academic year, our students have showcased their unyielding commitment and achieved exceptional results in their A-Level exams. These accomplishments underscore their resolute pursuit of excellence, further reinforcing the ethos of our institution. The remarkable outcomes not only mirror the determination of our students and teachers but also the invaluable support from BSB parents and the wider community.

Initially, the A-Level results depicted an impressive 48% of students securing A*-A grades, underscoring their academic prowess, while an outstanding 70% achieved A*-B grades. However, it’s important to note that the exams results have undergone revisions due to re-evaluations and the publication of the mathematics component. The updated figures reveal that 51% now attain top-tier A*-A grades, showcasing a significant improvement, with 74% achieving A*-B grades. The broader spectrum of results also shows 91% achieving A*-C grades and 99% obtaining A*-E grades.

Moreover, we take tremendous pride in unveiling another remarkable achievement: over 95% of our graduating students have triumphantly secured places in prestigious universities worldwide. These esteemed institutions are scattered across diverse corners of the globe, encompassing countries such as the UK, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the USA. Notably, our students received offers from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Durham, St. Andrews University, IE University Madrid or Fordham University, USA.

The impressive variety of future studies pursued by this year’s cohort of students is a testament to their diverse interests and aspirations. From traditional academic disciplines like History, Economics, Natural Sciences, Law, and English literature to innovative fields such as Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Digital Innovation, and Film, they are well-prepared to explore their passions. Their steadfast commitment to learning and personal growth has enabled them to maintain a resolute readiness to embrace the transition to life beyond school and the long-awaited independence, with their achievements resonating beyond academic success.

For many of our students, these examinations results represent the culmination of all the years of study at BSB and provide a defining moment in the lives of our young people. They enable them to progress to colleges and universities and offer them the best life chances possible. Theses examination results also represent the care and true dedication in both academic standards in teaching and learning and comprehensive pastoral support of and from all the BSB staff, the support and of and our close collaboration with our BSB parents and the pride in achievement within each of our students as they strive for the best. We are rightly proud of these examination results, especially when we consider our context as being British and international, non-selective and with the benchmarks being set at pre-pandemic levels. A truly remarkable achievement; well done and warm congratulations!’  – Jason Porter, Head of Secondary School, BSB.

Preparation and application process for a top university

The UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany are the European countries with the most top-ranked universities in the world. Despite being the second smallest continent, Europe boasts an impressive tally of over 500 universities within the top 1,500 worldwide. This dynamic landscape fosters fierce competition for coveted placements at prestigious institutions like the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, IE University Madrid, and indeed, universities such as Fordham, USA. This pursuit necessitates not only hard work and commitment but also the invaluable guidance of those seasoned in the realm.

Chloe Millward, Head of Key Stage 5, emphasised the importance of early preparation for university applications, especially for highly competitive institutions across Europe: ‘The last two years of study are essential in achieving the results you want, and I’m not just talking about academic results. Career counselling, individual university guidance focused on students’ interests and qualities, choosing the right courses and universities, writing the admission essays, and deepening interview techniques are important components in the admission process to top universities in Europe and globally’.

For a long time, universities in the UK have been the preferred choice of many students studying in Romania. In recent years, however, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany have become increasingly popular for BSB students alongside destinations in Canada and the USA. A-Level exams have long been a proven pathway for securing acceptance to such prestigious educational institutions. The British Curriculum and, notably, the preparation for A-Level exams, are designed to enhance students’ study skills and foster critical thinking and argumentation abilities, a feat demonstrated even by our recent graduates.

‘I’ll be studying History at The University of Cambridge, Girton College. I chose this course as I really enjoyed the History lessons at A-Level and they enabled me to read around the subject out of school as well. I was unsure for a long time about what I wanted to study so I just wanted to choose something that I was truly passionate about and enjoyed doing. The University application process is quite complex. Luckily, we had Mr. Walters (n/a University Guidance Counsellor) there to help us throughout all of it, especially since Cambridge requires you to apply early in the year.’ – Stephanie Belz – BSB Graduate 2023 (A*A*A*) 

‘I’m going to be studying Economics at The University of St Andrews. Economics is an A-Level offered at BSB from Year 12. What led me to choose Economics was being passionate about Mathematics, and Economics offers a whole new field of more Applied Maths and a lot of theory that I find very interesting and very useful in the real world. I think that, especially for a UK applicant, the personal statement must be the star of the show as this shows your interest in the field of study and allows you to stand out against other students.’ – Tudor Șerbănescu-Răcoasa – BSB Graduate 2023 (A*AAA)

Our Year 13 students have excelled not only academically but have also demonstrated exceptional character and determination, filling us with immense pride for their accomplishments. Furthermore, our consistent ‘excellent’ rating from the UK International Schools Inspectorate reaffirms our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional education.

In the Pursuit of Growth: Navigating IGCSE Challenges

In the same vein of academic excellence, we are thrilled to share the exceptional achievements in the IGCSE exams. These outcomes stand as a testament to the unwavering diligence and resolute determination demonstrated by our students. With each percentage point earned, they have illuminated their educational journey, showcasing not only academic prowess but also the spirit of resilience and ambition that propels them.

The culmination of their efforts has woven an impressive tapestry of accomplishments: an astounding 50% have secured the coveted A*-A grades, a remarkable 68% have achieved the A*-B bracket, and an awe-inspiring 91% have emerged triumphant in the A*-C range. These results, much like the A-Level achievements, symbolise the tangible realisation of dreams and aspirations, extending far beyond the confines of grades.


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