BSB Online Learning Programme

Steps taken during the COVID-19 outbreak

A top priority for the British School of Bucharest within the community is keeping students and staff safe and healthy in all circumstances. As many of you are aware, the Romanian Government decided to close schools, since Wednesday, 11th March 2020, in response to the –COVID-19 outbreak as a precaution to combat its spread.

Although we have had to close the school gates, BSB remains committed to providing high-quality learning activities and resources, as well as ongoing guidance and feedback from our teaching staff to all our students from all stages, including EYFS pupils.

As such, BSB aims to ensure continued provision to educate children remotely and all the necessary steps have been taken to implement the ‘Online Learning Programme’ across the school.

BSB acknowledges that the learning delivered in a school environment cannot simply be replicated through online learning. Interactions between the teachers and children will clearly be different but we are confident that by a considered, flexible and adaptable approach to each key stage, the differences will be reduced. Our teaching staff have already redesigned their lessons and courses to enable student autonomy in learning with appropriate, balanced support.

The Online Learning Programme – how it is structured

The day by day curriculum for all year groups will be accessed via Google Classroom. This will also allow children to submit their tasks and receive prompt feedback from a member of staff. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for our students to participate in video conferences with class teachers using Google Meet, in order to keep in touch and ask any questions about the work they may have.

BSB students and parents can log into their Google accounts (BSB Online) and have access to all learning materials and information, in an organised manner.

The BSB Online Learning Programme takes into consideration all stages, including EYFS pupils and we have provided parents with resources and ideas for activities to keep them entertained, to continue learning and spend quality time indoors while encouraging individual development in a play-oriented learning environment.

For the Primary pupils and Secondary students, we have created a list of general approaches and principles which will be applicable for all Key Stages, especially Secondary. These include the main resource areas, submission of work and assessment of work and feedback.

BSB has also taken into consideration the specifics of each Key Stage. As such, we have adapted how the pupils will receive tasks appropriate to the subject in a structured way either lesson-by-lesson, broken down into smaller units or a longer-term project spread over several lessons. Work will be set according to the timetabled lesson.

Videoconferencing, if appropriate and necessary will take place during a time set by the teacher and could be during the time of the usual timetabled lesson. Teachers will also hold class discussions and presentations in order to help students better understand subjects and homework assignments.

Coursework, where required, will need to be completed and in this instance, the BSB faculty is ready to offer guidance and support in accordance with the guidelines and regulations.

Contact with staff may also vary depending on the task and could include annotated feedback, or videoconferencing. In turn, staff may also be in contact with parents if work is not being submitted on time or if there are concerns. This may be done via email or using the school’s SMS function.

BSB is aware of the potential impact of the closure on all students including those preparing for external IGCSE and A Level examinations in the Sixth Form. We are in constant communication with the examination boards as we seek to ensure that relevant consideration is taken of the circumstances and are monitoring the global situation carefully in order to be able to pass on information to the pupils concerned as soon as we have further details.

At this time, all external examinations, including the oral examinations, are scheduled to proceed according to the published timetables unless we hear otherwise from the Examination Board, with whom we are in regular contact.

BSB recognises the importance for students and parents to be supportive of each other and nurture understanding in order to provide the right environment for online learning. We have also outlined general guidelines and ideas that will give students and parents a starting point in creating the right environment to continue learning with minimal disruptions.

Please note that the British School of Bucharest is not responsible for the content on external pages and, as usual, we advise you to monitor your children’s online activity.

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