Two Sides of Style: To Impress and Express

Sixth Form student Andreea has been working on a project, with a team called TICE (This is Creative Enterprise). Her project was about fashion, which included designs inspired by Bella Freud, putting together a fashion shoot herself and producing creative writing.

My LIFE – My experiences

18 years, hundreds of millions of seconds till now
Made me learn that all I do, somehow 
recorded in my soul.

We’re all emotions
Every decision we make
Another path we take

We are born, we grow, we love, we hate
we learn, we hurt but finally, we hope
Another better day will come 

My parents raised me, guided me,
They teach me what I know today
SO, my roots grow deep and strong
Behold me, right now: I do belong!

Remain to see how life will be
How many pieces of my puzzle were found?
And how my life will sound?

Barking dog and falling rain 
The friends must be called again
The sun is always rising high 
Don’t forget to look at skies 

I dare to dream to find my way
To dance, to laugh, to love and play
To the joy of any tiny moments of any day
To face experiences in my way
To live my LIFE -my greatest play

 January 2022

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