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Glaring at our freshly printed timetables towards a list of four total subjects, generous free periods braided within the days that create a seemingly, already hectic year. We all wonder what the sixth form expects from us. The responsibilities, high expectations, and endless piles of homework we’ll have to manage for two years before going to university - another daunting thought in itself. It is the unspoken-of transition from being a teenager to an adult over a single summer when you’re expected to be older, more mature, calm and collected. Yet, we’re all still the same 16 year-olds that took our IGCSEs a few months ago. One half-term into the year, we’ve probably changed our minds about what we thought sixth form will be like. Welcome to our column. We’re a group of four voluntary writers wanting to give members of our community an insight into our school life from a student perspective, writing content that is truthful, relevant and impartial.

Celebrating 20 Years of Preparing BSB Students for a Better Future

Celebrating 20 Years of Preparing BSB Students for a Better Future,
by Bonny and Laura
As Sixth-Formers, the questions we get asked from everyone we know are all the same. Which...

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Why Passion Outweighs Quantity in Aiming for Success

Why Passion Outweighs Quantity in Aiming for Success, by Laura As sixth formers, the greatest priority is said to be academics, however, what builds all our individual profiles are the...

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​Sixth Form Doesn't ‘Hit You Like a Truck’

The very beginning, by Bonny
My first day of sixth form was a surprising start. Eleven new students had joined our year group, which was much more than I had expected for year 12. Many...

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