Andrei and Georgina are Heading for Great Things!

This year, the competition for Head Boy and Head Girl was as fierce as ever and we registered a record number of high calibre applicants who vied for these roles. However, Georgiana and Andrei outran their competitors and won the contest.

Andrei has been with us since Reception and he will soon graduate from Secondary School as an independent adult. The Head Boy position comes after filling several roles within BSB such as on the Student Council, House Captain and Senior Prefect. He is also a sports coach and mentor for his younger peers.

Georgina has been with us for the past seven years. She is a risk-taker when it comes to her studies because she knows her teachers are there to help her. Georgina seizes every opportunity to develop her personal and academic achievements. Therefore, she participates in everything from debating, leadership roles, sport, charity work and many more.

We're incredibly proud of their achievements and we wish them good luck in their endeavours as Head Boy and Head Girl!

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