Alice@Wonderland - 2019 Secondary Production at BSB


Alice@Wonderland - A modern retelling of the classic children’s story

Alice@Wonderland, the latest British School of Bucharest (BSB) Secondary production, was enjoyed by a large audience on 27th and 28th March at the Fratelli Studios in Bucharest. BSB students had fun performing while developing genuine life skills. 80 took part in Alice@Wonderland, 33 of them on-stage. The students were involved in every aspect of the play: cast, stage design, costumes, makeup, props - BSB students did it all. They worked incredibly hard and the whole cast and crew delivered an outstanding performance! The story was laid out in a traditional style, except that Alice was distinctly contemporary. Here is some footage of the live performance. Enjoy and applaud!

Alice @ Wonderland - Based on the works of Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Jonathan Yukich. Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colorado.

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