So You Think You Can Cook? – 2019 EDITION

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.”, Wolfgang Puck


Most of us remember when we were small children, how we used to consider the kitchen a magical place. Partly because it was the only place in the house where we could get away with making a mess but also because it was the place where we first got a taste of our favourite dishes.

Teaching cookery to children in school promotes the lifetime ability for healthy cooking and the importance of healthy eating from a very young age. It is an important life skill which can be invaluable in their future lives, during their teenage years and whether they move on to university or away from home for their first job… but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

This article isn’t really about cooking or the benefits of learning to cook which we can all agree aid personal development. What it is about is the second edition of the BSB ‘So You Think You Can Cook’ competition on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April.

It’s a different type of competition that proves that it’s never too late or, in our case, too early, to begin the learning curve in the kitchen. BSB students are invited to put on their aprons, select their best kitchen utensils and prove to the jurors that they really can cook.

Students in Upper KS2 (Years 5 and 6) and KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) are invited to compete again this year in the two-round competition.

In the Preliminary round the students will need to ‘get creative’ and make a ‘Signature’ dish in one hour or less with their own ingredients. This is an eliminatory round and will decide which future master chefs will go on to the Final Round, where their cooking knowledge and talents will be further put to the test as they cook a 2 or 3 course meal, depending on the age category.

  • Round 1: Appetiser (Antipasto crostini)
  • Round 2: Entrée (Ravioli)
  • Round 3: Dessert (Cupcakes), 1 hour (Secondary only)

Culinary prowess will be judged by this year’s jurors:

  • Liviu Popescu – true culinary afficionado and HORECA entrepreneur
  • Simona Pope – ‘Wonder Woman’ of everything sweet of the Alice Bakery
  • Marius Georgescu – former ‘Chefi la cuțite’ cooking show contestant and food enthusiast

The future BSB ‘master chefs’ will really have to bring their ‘A’ game if they hope to win!

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