Winter Fair 2022 - A Festive Celebration for the BSB Community


Winter Fair: A Festive Celebration for the BSB Community

The BSB community came together to celebrate the festive season in style at the annual Winter Fair. This year's event was truly special, with a wide range of attractions that had something for everyone.

The most exciting moment was Santa's arrival and Show. The appearance of the Grinch, artisans, charitable organisations and arts & crafts workshops were all part of the Winter Fair, which ended with a laser show and lighting up the campus with lots of festive lights. Children and adults could participate in festive games and crafts, and children even had a quick chat with Santa to tell him their Christmas wishes.

At Santa's Shop, participants found an exciting selection of local artisans offering a variety of creative and unique items. From toys and handmade Christmas ornaments to floral arrangements, decorations, jewellery and cosmetics, there was something for everyone at Santa's Shop. It was the perfect place to find unique gifts and get a head start on holiday shopping while supporting local artisans and their businesses.

Concerts and Performances

In addition to the activities, the Winter Fair also featured a series of concerts and artistic moments performed by our talented musicians, students and teachers. These performances added to the festive atmosphere and created a magical mood that was enjoyed by all.

The evening concluded with a breathtaking laser show that lit up the night sky and amazed everyone present. It was a truly memorable way to end the Winter Fair and get everyone in the holiday spirit. 

The Winter Fair was an incredible success and a testament to the strong sense of community that exists within BSB. We hope everyone who attended had a wonderful time and created memories that will last well beyond the festive season. A big thank you to everyone who made this event possible and contributed to its success. Here is to many more festive celebrations in the years to come!


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