The Road to Excellence


We are proud to present you five of our Senior Students of the academic year of 2018-2019, who are about to move onto a different path in their lives, from High School to University. These Year 13s have excelled throughout their time as students and the British School of Bucharest takes great pride to have been part of these student’s academic development.

We have asked them to take part in an interview, in which they spoke about the BSB Community, the British Curriculum, and what subjects they chose to study in order for them to be able to pursue a career in an area they are passionate about, and how each of these pillars of our school have helped them achieve their dreams. You can find the video below, and we thank our Head Boy and Head Girl, Alexandru and Sara, as well as their Deputies, Ioana, Engin and Harriet for taking part in this interview, whose purpose is to inspire other students to pursue whatever dream they have, because at the British School of Bucharest, it is possible.

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