School Life

British School of Bucharest School Life

At the British School of Bucharest, our pupils enjoy a friendly, warm, caring and highly supportive international school environment. They can develop socially and academically while maintaining an active social life. 

As an international school, we understand it is essential to create and encourage a sense of community to foster a strong feeling of belonging that enhances school life. For our pupils, this means spending time with people from different nationalities and cultures and learning the importance of valuing everyone as an equal.

High-quality lessons given by native English-speaking teachers complement a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for pupils to experience and enjoy in a multicultural environment with a full calendar of events. 

The British School of Bucharest school life balances time spent on our beautiful campus with fascinating trips and engaging activities to add to the children's overall social and academic development. This variety within a school week keeps students engaged and ignites interests in the wider world. Learning and discovery happen both inside and outside the classroom, and we firmly support a full, engaging lifestyle for all our students, no matter the age group.

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