University Destinations

University Destinations

BSB's commitment to excellence without boundaries 

Our graduates embody the very definition of an excellent balance between a rigorous academic curriculum with an equally vigorous leadership, service and extracurricular programme. They are living proof that hard work, doubled with resilience and resourcefulness, leads to incredible academic results.

In an era of change, the school highly values the importance of working in partnership with the students to develop their independent thinking, build their own learning pathways, and discover their passions, creativity and interests, to help them on their academic journey to the university they desire. 

A successful Sixth Form is essential for any student considering applying to universities in the UK, Europe and worldwide. A-Level courses are internationally acknowledged as evidence of the most demanding and rigorous intellectual training. They are unique in providing an unrivalled depth of study in a few specialist subjects. A-Level courses also develop broad study skills and an ability to think and argue critically, preparing students thoroughly for the challenge of studying at world-class universities.

After two years of A-Level study, British School of Bucharest students will have developed the kind of subject knowledge often only acquired during the first year at university in many other countries.

Studying for A-Levels at the British School of Bucharest

Year 12 and Year 13 are paramount to preparing for the next step in the academic journey for students at the British School of Bucharest.

Year 12 

In Year 12, students are advised to choose a maximum of four A-Level subjects. Where applicable, external examinations take place in June. Students must pass Year 12 courses to move on to full A Level courses.

To study for an A-Level course, Year 12 students need to:

  • achieve at least five IGCSE/GCSE passes at grade C and above (or equivalent)

  • show previous success in their chosen subjects, when applicable (There are some A-Level subjects that candidates can take without any previous experience, notably: Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science and Psychology)

Year 13 

In Year 13, most students will pursue three of the original subjects or four in exceptional cases.

A-Level Subject options available at the British School of Bucharest

English Literature


Further Mathematics

Business Studies








Modern Languages (French, Spanish, German and Mandarin)

Computer Science


Art & Design

Drama & Theater

Media Studies

Students will usually require passes in three A-Level subjects to move on to university, though university placements and entry requirements will vary. The British School of Bucharest Universities Team will carefully assist students with researching their chosen institutions and courses. Universities will make conditional and sometimes unconditional offers to students, with entry being dependent on students achieving the grades specified by the individual universities.

It is important to note that some universities have minimum IGCSE/GCSE requirements. Some require no resits at a particular course, and some require passes in certain subjects. The following subjects (known as ‘facilitating’ subjects) are required more often and therefore will not limit students in their choice of course:


Further Mathematics






Modern Languages (French, Spanish and German)

To help students navigate through the numerous choices they will have after graduation, the British School of Bucharest offers guidance and university counselling by a team of dedicated, expert counsellors.

University guidance at the British School of Bucharest starts in Year 9. It offers career advice during PSHCE lessons and individual guidance to assist students in choosing their IGCSE options. Moving through Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and Year 11), students continue to receive career and university guidance in PSHCE lessons, with the aid of external speakers delivering symposiums and visits from university representatives.

Our school also hosts two university fairs each year, both during the autumn term. A wide range of British, American, European and global universities send representatives and specialised guidance counsellors to share information and give admissions advice. These events are open to students in Year 10 to Year 13 and their parents.  

Focused Sixth form guidance 

The school provides various resources to assist students with the university application process.

 The first point of contact is the University Guidance Counsellor, who holds individual meetings with students throughout Sixth Form to give personal advice and recommendations. Appointments with parents are also available, both during the day and after school.

Sixth Form Students also can have more focused university guidance, with form time sessions and individual meetings. The focus of these sessions varies depending on the particular need of the students. 

Main topics covered through focused guidance: 

  • University research

  • choosing a course

  • choosing a university

  • Writing a personal statement

  • The UCAS process (for applicants to the UK)

  • Meeting admissions requirements

  • Writing entrance essays (for applicants to the US and some European universities)

  • Interview techniques and best practices

  • SAT/ACT testing requirements and preparation (for applicants to the US)

Year 12 students also meet with an external expert careers advisor, who gives them further personalised career advice based on an interview, allowing them to explore careers they may never have thought of or suggest possibilities to those who have no idea what they would like to pursue at university and beyond.

For independent research, the British School of Bucharest provides access to a program called Bridge-U (, which matches students to courses based on personal preferences, academic strengths and professional profiles. All students in Year 12 and Year 13 are provided access to this program, which simplifies and streamlines the university research process for all UK, US, Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong and Dutch universities.

References and additional application documents 

References, either from the school or individuals, are coordinated by the University Guidance Counsellor. These will be written by the most appropriate person, whether the subject teacher, form tutor, sports team coach, or other members of staff. All references are checked and edited by the Guidance Counsellor and SLT members, usually the Headmaster or Head of Secondary. 

Our teachers have extensive experience in writing references that allow students to gain access to the best universities in the UK, USA, and the world.  

Predicted grades and transcripts are also issued by the University Guidance Counsellor and sent directly to universities or UCAS (for applicants to the UK).

Early application 

For some students, especially those wishing to attend the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge or study Medicine or Dentistry, the university application process takes place earlier in the year and has specific requirements. 

Those students will be encouraged to identify their choices early and start the application process sooner, usually by writing a personal statement over the summer holiday, before Year 13 starts, and ensuring they have the work experience or knowledge required to access these courses. For Medicine, the B-MAT test can be taught in school, and reading, summer courses or possible work experience, can all be suggested and (in some cases) organised.

For further information or to make an appointment, don't hesitate to get in touch with the University Guidance Counsellor by making appointment at

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