"One of the guiding reasons behind going to school is to gain knowledge and hone skills in preparation for adult life. This sounds simple, but if you dig a bit deeper, you naturally ask: What type of skills? What kind of knowledge? How do you decide this? 

When you have a challenge, first, you need to define it. In this case, we want to define "prepare for adult life". What is (adult) life? Sure, it could mean being able to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, being independent and being able to care for your loved ones. You can go out into the world and ask 100 people this question and struggle to find a unified detailed answer beyond some common themes. 

What does adequate preparation look like? 
Doing all the above well? 
Very well? 
- How do you measure this, and what is an appropriate threshold for this type of measurement? 

Many great people pondered these questions before us, and many will do it after us. Some say the answer comes by bringing a benefit to the world that satisfies you by improving the lives of others. Some say it is the pursuit of happiness. Others say it is raising grandchildren. There are many ways to achieve each of these things, and each path requires different knowledge and skills attained to different levels. 

At the end of the day, we are not here to judge which is the correct answer to these questions. We are not even here to specify what the right question is. We take a more hands-off approach - we encourage students that come into the Innovation Hub to ask their versions of these questions and once defined, we help them find a way to get their version of the answers. If we can do this, then the rest (getting your knowledge and skills) is markedly easier once you know what exactly to get. 

To achieve this, we have a unique programme integrated into our CCA's and long-term activities. We provide a large variety of technological opportunities so that we can cater to the widest variety of students who come here looking to push their own personal boundaries.

In short: We help students find out what they want to do and then help them learn how to do it.

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