Catering by Takanaka

Cuisines from Around the World, Thanks to Takanaka

Takanaka is the perfect place for your next takeaway meal or if you need professional catering for events. Every dish is chef-crafted, nutritionist-approved and prepared from start to finish in our kitchen. By creating everything from the beginning, we ensure that we have 100% control over the ingredients used as well as the quality and freshness of our food.

Catering by Takanaka 

The professional Catering Team in the Takanaka kitchen uses only fresh ingredients of the finest quality. The chefs are experienced and very imaginative. They have learned over time that the result of using the right cooking techniques and only the best ingredients on the market can satisfy even the most sophisticated and diverse culinary preferences.

Corporate events, private events, wedding parties or children’s parties can all be catered for. Our vast menu offers the best-known and most enjoyed cuisines of the world. It promises to satisfy even the most sophisticated preferences, regardless of when your event is taking place.

You can visit to see the many options available should you require home delivery/catering for events outside of school hours. 

Takanaka Bistro 

The Takanaka Bistro is a great place for students and parents to grab a coffee, healthy snack or light lunch during the day. It serves a full menu of snacks, salads, fruit, cakes and drinks and is open from 08:00 until the end of the school day, including during break and lunchtimes.

An elegant and relaxed setting with friendly staff, Takanaka Bistro provides the perfect location for socialising with existing friends or making new ones – whether you’re a parent or a student. It is at the heart of the BSB Community.

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