Friends of BSB

Friends of BSB - An international Community in Bucharest

We welcome all parents and staff as members of Friends of BSB (FBSB), an international community in Bucharest. With this welcoming community of culturally diverse families, FBSB is important for encouraging, promoting and extending our school’s friendly and supportive environment. We encourage everyone to join us, volunteer, ask questions and support the school.

Each June, we bring our school ‘family’ together to celebrate another successful and exciting year. We transform our beautiful campus with stalls, activities, competitions and performances – there is always something for everyone to enjoy when we get together as an international community in Bucharest.

There are many ways to be involved with FBSB and make our school a special place:

  • Attend events supported by the FBSB, including fairs, parents’ activities and classroom activities
  • Volunteer your time to help organise these events and activities
  • Be nominated as a Class Representative and be the connecting link between your class and FBSB
  • Join an FBSB Committee and become involved in decision-making
  • Comment on the forum on the FBSB portal and sign up for school events
  • Join the FBSB Facebook page and be part of our digital community

FBSB Facebook: a digital community

The FBSB Facebook group supports our parent community and helps new families settle into their new environment. We are an international community in Bucharest and the FBSB Facebook group is a digital meeting place where parents can share information, ask questions or make announcements that contribute to a positive and supportive community.

This is a closed group and is only open to parents (past and present) of the British School of Bucharest students.

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