BSB Houses

British School of Bucharest House System

We encourage team spirit at every opportunity at the British School of Bucharest while still keeping one of the oldest traditional features of schools in England. 

The House system and House Competition are an integral part of school life, bringing the students, Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants from different year groups together across the entire school.

The primary function of the house system is to develop a sense of identity or belonging, celebrate achievements and promote a positive and inclusive culture. Each student who joins our school is placed into one of the four academic Houses - Arges, Mures, Danube and Olt, named after the four major rivers in Romania. Pupils remain in their House throughout their time at the school and enjoy the opportunity to support their peers while representing their House in regular events and competitions.

Benefits of a House System

  • A system that is inclusive of all students and includes sporting, academic and artistic endeavours.

  • Promotes positive self-esteem, self-identity, belonging, integrity and pride amongst all students.

  • Peer support to help promote positive mental health and constant encouragement to develop healthy social skills. 

Students elect their own House Captains and work together as teams competing for points in various sporting, academic and cultural activities. House Points are also awarded for good behaviour and acts of kindness and charity to encourage students to always think of others.

Students are proud to wear their House colours of red, green, blue and yellow to cheer their House on to victory. 

BSB Houses

BSB Houses

The Primary House Points System 

The BSB House points System is slightly different for Primary and Secondary School. In Primary, students receive both House Points and Merits, while in Secondary, they receive only House Points. 

House Points in Primary    

Points are awarded to each House based on their success in competitions throughout the academic year. House points are also awarded to primary for academic progress and commitment to BSB’s school community. 

Parents can track the number of house points their child has won on the Parents' Portal. 

Merits in Primary  

Merits are awarded to children who show improved, distinctive and exceptional academic effort in Primary. The merit system is separate from the house point system, and certificates are given for various merit totals.

Students can also receive Golden House points for exceptional achievements in academic or sports activities. 

The Secondary House Points System 

In September 2020, the Secondary rewards system was modified, and the Merits and House Points are now merged. 

The Secondary rewards system is more streamlined, user-friendly and encourages more students from across all Key Stages to engage in the rewards system. House Points are now awarded for academic effort and progress as well as community service, good deeds around School and commitment to extra-curricular activities.

All House Points will be added to the student's House total. The House with the highest number of points will win the House Cup at the end of the year. Each month the House total House Points will begin at zero, but the student's individual total will continue to run.   

Teachers and teaching assistants can also award the students a 'Golden House Point'. These are equivalent to five House Points and can be given for projects or sustained commitment to the School community. Teachers are, however, limited to a set number of these per half term. Form Tutors, Heads of Key Stage, and the Secondary Leadership Group are notified of each student awarded a Golden House Point, and this reward is mentioned in assemblies. 

Parents can track the number of House Points their child has on My School Portal, and the totals will appear on their child's end-of-term report.

House Cup 

The House Cup is a tightly fought competition each year, making it even closer and involving the full student body. Whilst the importance is to work hard in lessons and in the School community so that the students’ actions benefit their House, they can also see that their achievements are also celebrated and benefited by the wider community. Houses can continue to win House Points through the House competitions, for example, House Football and House Chess. All will be added to the single House total.

The House with the most points will receive the House Cup at the end of the year, an award designed to recognise the house members' commitment, ambition and hard work. 

The award is presented during the annual Awards Ceremony at the end of the Academic Year to students who have shown particular commitment to their House and School.

Houses will also donate a sum of money to a chosen charity allocated dependent on their place in the House Cup Competition.

BSB Prize Programme 

Commitment, ambition and hard work will always be prized at BSB. As proof, at the end of Year 13, students who have unlocked achievements in community service, cultural awareness, communication skills, physical development and academic success will be awarded the prestigious BSB prize. Those select few who will win the award will graduate with BSB honours, have their name recognised for years to come on boards displayed in the Crawford Library and earn an award that will shine bright on their university application.

The BSB Prize, launched in 2021, is a School-based diploma that recognises students who have shown full commitment to the School community and their academics over the last three years. Students must complete two challenging tasks from each of these strands:

  • Physical

  • Service

  • Communication

  • Cultural 

  • Academic 

They must also have over 97% attendance and 60 House Points over two years. Successful students' graduate' from BSB with 'Prize Honours' and receive an additional certificate, golden stool, BSB tie or scarf and their name printed onto the new oak boards, taking their place in the Crawford Building.

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