Scholarship Programme

The British School of Bucharest is committed to supporting talented and passionate students who aspire to a top education that facilitates access to an elite university abroad.

Such support, known as the BSB Scholarship Programme, is offered following a review of the student’s past academic success, an interview with the student and parents and the student completing an essay on a specific theme.

The programme is designed to encourage and foster success, and it does this by providing scholarship opportunities to eligible students, awarding them with a tuition fee subsidy ranging from 10% to 100%, based on a combination of academic success and personal achievements.

It is a great joy for us to give dedicated students a chance to fulfil their dreams and provide them with academic and personal support. This is a great opportunity for them to reach their full potential and for the whole society that will benefit from their extraordinary knowledge and skills. We look forward to meeting these remarkable young people with fantastic results and skills who want access to a truly British and excellent education, according to their abilities and desires for a bright future. – Jason Porter, Head of Secondary, The British School Bucharest.

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