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Since we opened our halls to extraordinary pupils worldwide, we have offered them the knowledge, means and opportunities to fulfil their dreams and shape their future.

Although we have a well-deserved reputation for academic success, we aim to offer more than academic results alone. We aim to raise confident, motivated, self-disciplined learners who think for themselves and act responsibly for others.

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A Culture Nurturing Excellence

Seeing and experiencing our School is essential to know whether the British School of Bucharest is the right choice for you or your child. We offer you the opportunity to book a visit or take a tour of our campus, in person or virtual. This is an excellent way to get a sense of the community and culture that a British School of Bucharest education provides.

We encourage you to visit us virtually or in person and get a feel of the British School of Bucharest’s nurturing learning environment. Our Admissions Staff will answer your questions, and you can see what the British School of Bucharest offers.

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Committed to Excellence

Our dedication to supporting our students to achieve their highest potential was recognised by the International Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The British School of Bucharest received the highest possible rating, ‘excellent’, for both ‘the quality of pupils’ learning and achievement’ and the ‘quality of pupils’ personal development’. We have been rated consistently as ‘excellent’ in all areas by the UK International School Inspectorate (ISI) in 2018 and 2022. This is the highest possible rating that can be achieved after being inspected by ISI.

Pupils of all ages are self-confident, demonstrating excellent levels of self-awareness and self-esteem. There is a desire amongst pupils to make the most of their education and an understanding that their own endeavours and self-discipline play an important part in this. Pupils' self-understanding is excellent; they are confident yet modest, self-assured yet hard-working. The vast majority show a highly mature approach to learning and value the educational opportunities they have been afforded.

2022 ISI Report

International Environment

2000 Year of opening
700+ students aged 2-18
65 nationalities in a safe and caring environment

Take a tour of the British School of Bucharest

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our campus. The Admissions Team will provide information about the British Curriculum we teach at each Key Stage and other British School of Bucharest life aspects. Please complete the form below, and select one of the available dates. If you would like to visit the campus on a date that is no longer available, please reach out to the admissions office at ⁠ to help find a time slot that matches your availability. We aim to respond quickly, so if you have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please get in touch with us at

International Environment

  • Open since 2000 in Bucharest
  • An international private school
  • 700+ students aged 2-18
  • 65 nationalities in a safe and caring environment

Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Native English-speaking Teachers
  • Experienced Teachers, all graduates of prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge
  • Caring and highly qualified teaching staff
  • Impressive pupil-to-teacher ratio

The Quality of the Curriculum and Enrichment Activities

  • National Curriculum for England
  • Global universities reach
  • Dedicated University Guidance Counsellor
  • The outstanding pass rate at A-Level
  • Over 120 extracurricular activities
  • A unique STEAM-based approach
  • 20+ specialised subjects for IGCSE and A-Level

International Recognition

  • Excellent in all areas – 2018 & 2022 ISI Report
  • Accredited by ARACIP
  • Recognised as a British School Overseas (BSO) via the ISI
  • COBIS Accredited Member
  • Certificated as a COBIS Training School
  • Registered as a Cambridge International School
  • Certified to offer EDEXCEL Academic Qualifications
  • Member of BRCC and AmCham

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