Why BSB?

Discover what Makes Us so Special!

The British School of Bucharest (BSB) is the leading international centre of academic excellence in Romania. Opened in 2000, located in a unique setting and with a culture that embraces all in a positive, caring and warm environment, we attract approximately 650 students from 50 nations around the world.

As soon as you step into our safe and secure campus and stroll around our beautiful buildings surrounded by trees, flowers and sports fields, you will feel a sense of community which defines our environment and nurtures our pupils’ academic and personal growth. You will see clear evidence of our school values of self-control, honesty, respect, equality and concern for others.

Our experienced teachers are 100% native English-speakers and give us an impressive pupil to teacher ratio. As graduates of prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge, they are all committed to and highly experienced in tailoring educational programmes to support each student in fulfilling their potential – we offer 21 specialised subjects in our Secondary School and approximately 115 co-curricular activities. We also have a unique and impressive approach to emphasising STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) through our Innovation Hub. Our teachers’ dedication is demonstrated by excellent IGCSE and A level results and an outstanding record of students securing places at prestigious and top universities all over the world.

In an ‘Era of Change’, we highly value the importance of working in partnership with our students to develop their independent thinking, to build their own learning pathways and to discover their passions, creativity and interests. The British School of Bucharest is the only British School in Romania rated as ‘excellent’ for both “the quality of pupils’ learning and achievements” and “the quality of pupils’ personal development”. For the British School of Bucharest, passion for excellence is a driving force each day and our students regularly win prizes at a broad range of international and local competitions.

The 2018 Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) report concludes that “The good progress of the BSB students is a result of teaching that is well-planned and effectively delivered” and assesses the British School of Bucharest as “excellent” in educational quality. The key findings are that “the quality of pupils’ learning and achievement is excellent” and that “the quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent”. This is an outstanding result for the school, driven by our teachers and leadership team. The ISI report also makes clear that “Good behaviour in lessons results from motivating teaching which reflects teachers’ extensive subject knowledge and understanding of the pupils’ needs. Appropriate teaching methods lead to effective learning throughout the school”.

Some of the many advantages of our use of the National Curriculum for England are its reputation for quality, its worldwide recognition and the fact that it provides educational stability for students who move to another country. The National Curriculum for England remains the same throughout the world.

We pride ourselves in having created a school where every student is cared for, respected, treated equally and is a confident, motivated, active and an enquiring contributor to our BSB family. Our pupils represent the future - we very much look forward to welcoming all who enrol at the British School of Bucharest.

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