Beatrice is studying law at the University of Law in London

Beatrice is a former BSB student, she currently studies at The University of Law in London.

Discover her road from BSB:

What university are you attending now? What made you choose your course?

I am attending The University of Law in London, where I am currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). This course is specific for graduate students who are looking to pursue a career in law. I previously studied Politics and International Studies at Warwick University and am now looking to start a career in environmental law and hopefully work for an environmental organisation such as Client Earth or Friends of the Earth.

How is university – what are you enjoying and what are the challenges?

My experience as a postgraduate student in London is very different from when I was an undergraduate at Warwick University. While living in a big city is great for its vibrant social life, I miss the community feel I had in a campus university, as well as the benefits from being part of a sports team. My three years at Warwick were so enjoyable because I joined the Lacrosse Sports Club in my first year, going on to play as goalie throughout my university life. Currently, my postgraduate life is much more focused on studying, as the GDL is an intense course with lots of content to learn.

Anything else you'd like to share about your journey?

If you’d told me at the start of my undergraduate degree that I would later go on to study law, I would have never believed you. My journey, as such, has never been fully set in stone and I didn’t know what career I wanted to go into until my final year at Warwick. I think it is really important to be flexible and not to put too much pressure on yourself when choosing a degree to study at university, as there are so many opportunities in higher education to switch and you should always choose to study a subject that you truly love and enjoy.

How did BSB help you achieve your goals?

Studying at BSB shaped my critical thinking and taught me how to think for myself and make my own decisions. The ability of teachers to promote independent learning while also guiding students to get the best possible grades is truly commendable and I am very grateful for the wonderful teachers I had. Additionally, I was granted numerous opportunities to debate and speak in front of hundreds of students, improving my confidence and public speaking skills.

When did you study at BSB? Any particular memories that stand out from your BSB years?

I studied at BSB when I was really young, and then I moved away and came back in Year 9 and left in Year 13. I have many nice memories from BSB and the ones which stand out are my trips to the World Scholars Cup in Prague and Kuala Lumpur. The opportunity to compete in debating internationally alongside my peers was truly an unmatchable experience. I also really enjoyed being part of the Student Planet BSB Committee, organising various events to raise £1,740 in one school year to build a dam for a school in Ethiopia.

Any achievements or contributions that you are really proud of?

My interest in charity work continued when I went to university and I have been a volunteer for various environmental organisations over the last few years. Currently I am the chair for Public Interest Environmental Law UK (PIEL), a student-led initiative organising annual conferences pertaining to environmental policy and climate justice.

Any tips you would give to current students, relating to academics or life at BSB in general?

It is impossible for a student to know exactly what their career trajectory is from a young age, and it is better to experience various subjects and try out many things before choosing one career to focus on. If you’re interested in studying law but are unsure, I’d recommend studying a different subject at undergraduate level and then going on to study the GDL. Also, try to make the most of the personal support teachers give you at BSB, as university professors do not have the same resources and time that the great teachers and staff of BSB do. Lastly, get involved with as many extracurriculars as possible, as these experiences will be really valuable when you ultimately start looking for a job.

May 2020

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