School Office Manager

Reporting to: Head of Enterprise
Leads & Manages: School Office/ Administration
Liaise with: Facilities, Admissions, Finance, Catering, IT

The holder of this position must act professionally, while carrying out the responsibilities and tasks mentioned below, thereby promoting the interests of the students and the school.

Administration Management

• Manage the team office administrative, a function that includes:
• To prepare the Parents Portal, with the assistance of IT and to check the correct options for the children, according to their age
• To send out communications to parents
• To extract from the Portal and to send to the teachers the initial registrations, after the Portal is closed
• To communicate to the teachers the options for children who do not meet the age criteria and get confirmation for them
• To send to the Finance Department the registrations and request the invoices
• To send the invoices to the parents and chase up on payments
• To send the communication to the parents regarding the preferred slot for Clubs lessons and to assist the teachers in preparing the Clubs lessons schedule
• To send to the parents the final schedule, with the complete details about their children’s lessons
• To inform the bus coordinator of the children’s schedule, regarding those children that are registered for the transportation service
• To inform the teachers when the children are absent from lessons
• To inform the parents on any cancellations or changes to the program

• Design and maintain administrative systems (Isams, Zoho, Sudo, IPMI, Parents Portal, etc), in accordance with the school guidelines and goals.
• Manage systems and link processes that interact across the school, ensuring that each link is connected and completed.
• Define responsibilities, information and support for office staff
• Establish and use effective methods to review and improve administrative tasks.
• Use data analysis, evaluation and reporting systems effectively, by ensuring that the systems are streamlined to maximise efficiency and avoid duplication.
• Policies & procedures, Office Handbook
• Be the first point of contact for parents seeking sensitive information about school administrative matters.

Information Systems Management

Duties also include :

• Ensuring that resources, support and training is provided, to enable work colleagues to make the best use of available ICT for Administrative purposes.
• Ensuring that contingency plans are in place, in the case of technical failures for Administrative purposes (e.g. Stay in contact with parents).
• Ensuring that information systems are efficient, for both the online systems for parents and the intranet for staff.


• Management skills & team management
• Communication skills
• Customer service skills
• Goal Orientated
• Proactive
• Analytical skills