Smiling Faces and Friendly Words are Incredibly Valuable for BSB


Mr. Thomas Williams started teaching in 2012 as a private language tutor and then, at a pre-school in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as a Reception class teacher. He then progressed to become EYFS Head in 2015 and held that post for three years. Thomas holds a first-class honours degree in Primary Education.

Sum up your role at BSB.

An extremely proud teacher of Year 5W.

When did your BSB story start? What made you want to join us?

My wife, who is also a teacher at BSB, and I were interested in finding not only a nurturing and engaging environment in which to work but also for our own two children to prosper. Interviews filled us with confidence and we moved to Romania in 2018.

What were your expectations before you joined BSB? Have they been fulfilled?

I try to avoid preconceived expectations in most situations. I hoped for an ambitious and efficient School and I have certainly experienced those characteristics at BSB.

What do you think about the BSB learning environment?

The buildings and grounds are spectacular but my favourite part of the learning environment is the affable atmosphere around the campus. Smiling faces and friendly words are incredibly valuable for schools.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of studying the British Curriculum at BSB?

The opportunities for children to deepen and enrich their understanding of a variety of subjects through collaborative and interactive projects is more apparent at BSB than in any other school I have experienced.

Tell us more about the teaching philosophy you bring to BSB.

I am a firm believer in a student-centred approach in which children develop the requisite skills to establish themselves as autonomous and independent learners. Additionally, I am passionate about ensuring the children at BSB appreciate their privilege and become accustomed to helping others and society in general.

What are some of the joys of teaching in Primary School?

A year is a large percentage in the life of a Primary School child. Being part of their emotional and educational development is extremely satisfying and the bonds that form last for a long time.                                                            

How do you encourage our children's sense of wonder and natural curiosity?

Aim big and show the children exactly what is possible. If we’re studying chemical reactions then we need to see humongous reactions. A lesson with gasps of astonishment is a successful lesson.

What challenges are you looking for at BSB?

I consider teaching to be an art form in which I am consistently trying to improve and excel. Simply, I will always want to be a better teacher.

And finally: tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I love to play darts!

May 2022

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