The Results of Continuous Training and Learning


Stelian Stancu joined the BSB team in September 2017 and is one of the coaches who experienced football at the highest professional level as a player. He took his first steps on the road at the Football School in Pitesti and then to include in his CV the most important clubs in terms of tradition and performance. In turn, he played for Astra, Sportul Studentesc, Poli Timisoara, FC Brasov and FC Steaua Bucuresti. He reached the peak of his career at Steaua, where he had the honour to meet in the supreme competition, the UEFA Champions League, the strongest football team at that time, Real Madrid.

The passion for Football, the seriousness and the desire to return to the sport what it offered him, determined him to continue on the coaching path, dedicating himself to initiating and perfecting the little sports-children, hoping that one day they will have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps or even to surpass their teacher.

What motivated you to join us?

For me it was something new, with a very well-developed learning system, where the education of students is very important. 

What were your expectations before you joined BSB? Have they been fulfilled?

My expectations were exceeded, as a variety of sports are practiced here and this helped me to improve my knowledge about the sports I know less about. 

What are the most important lessons you learned, by playing professional football, that you pass on to your students?
Throughout my entire career, I have come to the conclusions that apply to any sport and, I believe, in everyday life as well:

‘No matter how good you are at what you do, you should never stop training and learning’.

‘No matter who your opponent is, you must always give your best’.

‘Never give up on your dream or your passion’.

How do you encourage your students to be more physically active?
Regardless of the level of the students, I encourage them to practise any sport, at their level and with each attempt, they will become better. 

What are some of the joys of coaching students at BSB?
I am very happy when students ask me to continue the sports class even when it is already over, when parents tell me they are very happy with the way their children are progressing and improving their Football skills. I am happy that students understand the importance of sport and that it helps them to develop healthily, both physically and mentally. 

What are your goals for this Academic Year?
In this pandemic period, where there are so many restrictions, my aim is to adapt all sports in such a way that students enjoy them in a new way and continue to play them with pleasure and enthusiasm. I hope to motivate them to stay active and play their favourite sport after finishing their studies at BSB. 

What challenges are you looking for at BSB?
My goals at BSB are to develop team sports, to attract as many students as possible to play sport in order to form competitive teams. 

February 2022

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