The Backbone to Learning


Miss Cătălina Paraschiv joined BSB in 2007 and she is currently working with Year 6 pupils, having worked in upper Key Stage 2 for many years. She graduated (B.A.) in Literature at the University of Bucharest, including the pedagogical module. She also completed the University of Northampton's Teaching Assistant course and enjoys being part of the teaching staff in the BSB Primary School.

What qualities are necessary to be an excellent Teaching Assistant?

I consider Teaching Assistants the backbone of any classroom, therefore passion and energy, dedication, adaptability, forward thinking and being friendly are necessary so that every pupil has the support they need for their lessons.

 How has BSB changed over the years?

In the almost 15 years since I’ve been part of the BSB team the School has had significant changes. BSB was, at the time, a modern School and it is now to excellent standards. We moved campus and almost tripled in size, then more members of staff were hired. We got a lot of training and more technology has transformed the interior of School classrooms and all initiatives are to focus on the students’ safety, inclusion and health. 

 How do you help children succeed in School?

I help children succeed in School by supporting and encouraging them to reach their high expectations in learning... motivating the pupils and creating a desire in them to learn.

What do you find the most rewarding in working with children?

Beside working in a fun, creative setting, I find smiles and the fact that I influence their future the most rewarding thing in working with children.

What are the most valuable lessons you've learned from the children you've taught?

Over the years I’ve learnt so many important lessons from my students but the most valuable ones are: 

•That mistakes provide valuable learning opportunities 

•and that it is not possible to teach any person unless they are willing to learn.

What are the most significant challenges that you've faced up until now in your professional life?

I found understanding changing technology (AOLP) and balancing diverse learning needs the most significant challenges in my professional life. 

If you weren't a Teacher, what would your dream job be?

 If I wasn’t a Teaching Assistant my dream job would be of a tour guide or flight attendant. 

And finally: tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I am a certified cycling instructor 🙂 and I am a collector of old children books.  

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