Mixing It Up Successfully


Mr. David Achim joined the British School of Bucharest as the new School Physical Education Teacher and a Year 7 Tutor.

He received his undergraduate degree and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) from Loughborough University and is completing, through online courses, his Masters in Education at the same institution. David was born in England to a British mum and Romanian dad. He speaks both English and Romanian fluently and lived the majority of his life in Bucharest whilst studying at an international school. His multi-cultural heritage is a welcome addition to the British School of Bucharest.

Sum up your role at BSB. 

I have the joy of teaching Year 1 to Year 8 Physical Education, I have the privilege of being the form tutor of Year 7A and I have the honour of being the Head of House for Mures.

What is it like growing up in a multicultural family? 

On the one hand, it was great getting to experience two cultures during my childhood: Romanian from my father and British from my mother. It also means that wherever I am in the world I can relate to others who have experienced similar multicultural upbringings. I have an international family of ‘third culture’ people. On the other hand, I have experienced the challenge of not fully belonging to either of the two cultures I am part of. However, I would never give up the life lessons and experiences gained from my multicultural background.

You have studied in an international school. What is it like to be a teacher now in an international school environment? 

I love it and I could never see myself working in a non-international environment. I can use my unique experience to better support students going through similar situations. The international fruit salad that is present at BSB is so refreshing and helps me continue to live as a global citizen. Every day I learn something about new countries, cultures, unique experiences and communities.

How do you encourage your students to be more physically active?

I lead many CCAs after School, ranging from Volleyball, Basketball, ball games and more! However, I try to model to my students what lifelong physical activity looks like from my own engagement in taking part in CCAs and my own strength and fitness training as well. 

What were your expectations before you joined BSB? Have they been fulfilled?

I never set any expectations for myself or the School before joining BSB, however, I am pleased to say that any expectations I could have set would have been far surpassed. The community of teachers has been so welcoming to me. My students are very friendly, eager to learn and are all such personable characters who I have enjoyed getting to know and support in lessons. Overall, the support I have been provided by all staff has enabled me to be the best teacher I can be while still learning how I can develop.

What are some of the joys of coaching students at BSB?

The greatest joy of coaching at BSB is not only being able to see the growth of my athletes in their sports physically but also see their maturation and development as fair, respectful and principled athletes. 

What challenges are you looking for at BSB?

I want to support the P.E. Department and Activities Department to provide a more competitive and comprehensive sporting programme after School, specifically Basketball and Volleyball.

What is it like to have a double role as a Primary School P.E. Teacher and a Year 7 Tutor? 

I have enjoyed working with students outside of a sporting context – getting to know my form throughout the year has been a real pleasure. It gives me an appreciation for the whole student: their experience from the start of the day, across other lessons based on teacher feedback and right to the very end of the week when they have P.E. with them. 

What are the most valuable lessons you've learned from your time here at BSB?

I have truly been challenged to master my ability to act as a decisive leader for my class through unforeseen circumstances, changes and disputes. The intricate, behind the scenes work of being a member of a P.E. Department for the whole School means I need to adapt and the importance of staying cool, calm and collected is a valuable lesson I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

And finally: tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I have consistently played the drums since the age of eleven.

June 2022

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