Mark Healy


Deputy Head of Secondary (Director of Studies)

Mark Healy joins us in 2021 as the Director of Studies & Deputy Head of Secondary. Mr Healy brings over 30 years of experience in leadership and teaching roles in Psychology, TESOL and Physical Education. He has lived and worked internationally, including in the United Arab Emirates and the South Island School in Hong Kong, where he held several Senior Leadership roles. Mark joins us from Scotland, where he worked as Deputy Head. Mr Healy is actively involved in educational research, being an associate of ResearchED, a professional organisation supporting teachers’ professional practice, and he has regularly presented at conferences. He has appeared on several high profile education podcasts and interviews. He is currently writing a book on the psychology of sleep and its impact on schools and learning and is also a contributory author to leading educational titles.

Mark Healy will be responsible for all curriculum matters for students in Secondary. This will include leading the GCSE and A level options process, overseeing the Key Stage 3 curriculum, coordinating academic events such as Parents’ Consultation Evenings, reports and curriculum information presentations. Generally, offering guidance and support to students and parents to optimise academic progress across Secondary. Mark will also place a lens on effective classroom practice and provide a fulcrum to support high-quality learning and teaching across our secondary classes.

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